Son of a of a Irish tenement farmer and a mojada mother,  SM  was born 1944, somewhere in the Yucatan jungle, after his father said a real jungle was better than a man-made one.


Last of eleven children, he was the only one born In a hospital, due to his mother breaking a leg, and  him slipping out during the repair.


SM painted emblems on the black leather jackets  of an East LA gang, THE ACES, 1957; but later was educated in Arizona and Oregon.


His first mural commission was in Bend, Oregon, for the DOMINO - a rock'n roll club that opened with ROY ORBISON, 1962.


SM was a sketch-artist on stage for a strip-tease club In Portland, Oregon, THE BROADWAY INN, 1966; then advancing Into the complexity of the real world, and nearly dying in Vietnam, his life and direction changed after being "debriefed"  and given the job as ARTIST,  3rd DIVISION, 1st & 4th BATTALION, Aschaffenburg, Germany, 1968.


After the Army he was the founding member in an unknown folk music group, THE GYPSY/JOKER/COYOTE/CLOWNS, 1969.



He elevated to the ski-resort of TELLURIDE where he did the murals for THE OPERA HOUSE, and  PRINCESS THEATER, 1972.


Curious always, in 1973, he let Nixon stay  behind, and moved to Scotland, where he created the  post of COMMUNITY ARTIST with THEATRE WORKSHOP, EDINBURGH, 1974-77, then to the Isle of Arran, directing the 1st COMMUNITY ARTS PROGRAM in Britain.


In 1984 having had his share of rain, he arrived under the sun in CORSICA where he created  murals in city plazas, and the aristocratic walls of DOMAINE PERALDI. 


In 1986 SM returned to AMERICA determined to make his mark by the time he was 75. Nixon died several years later. SM knew at least one dream had come true.


In 1998 SM decided to devote his last creative energies to editing  manuscripts that had been piling up for thirty years.


SM divides his year between New Mexico and Corsica.